Test Overview

All tests can be run with make test. This will run all scripts that end with -test in the test folder and summarize the test results using the script test/tools/show-results.sh.

To run individual tests, use make <path-to-test> e.g. make test/tigrc/parse-test. Alternatively, tests can be run directly via the test scripts as long as PATH is set to include the directories src/ and test/tools. The latter directory is where the test helper libraries are located, the most important of which is libtest.sh.

The test suite requires stty -tostop to be set in the running terminal, which is typically the default.


Tests can be configured by setting the TEST_OPTS environment variable. The variable should contain a space-separated list of options. The following options are supported:


Whether to print individual test results even when all assertions passed. The default is to not show results for passed tests.


Do not indent test output. This is automatically set depending on whether V=1 was passed to make to show verbose output.


Invoke tig via a debugger, for example debugger=lldb. When no program is specified it is auto-detected. Remember to recompile using make clean all-debug to expose all symbols.


Only run test files or cases matching a shell-style glob filter. A colon separates the file glob from the case glob. No colon, or trailing colon, is equivalent to trailing :* (all cases). Leading colon is equivalent to leading *: (all files). The file portion is matched against a path fragment from the project root. Example:

	$ TEST_OPTS='filter=*:*default' make test/tigrc/width-test

This option is a convenience for development against specific tests. Test files and test cases are filtered, but not assertions. Thus some assertions are expected to fail in the presence of a filter. Testing output originating from make is also not filtered.


Show trace information.


Run TODO tests, which are otherwise skipped.


Run tests and verify memory access with Valgrind.


Set the default timeout for each invocation of tig under the test harness. The default is 10 if unset. 0 means "no timeout". Individual tests may override the value.

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