Release notes


  • Update to mkdocs-material-2.2.2.
  • Add support for hero text by defining material.hero in the front matter.
  • Add workaround for using previewSite when developing. #7


  • Add sbt plugin to help configure the theme using a builder-like API.
  • Enable search by default.
  • Build with sbt 1.0.
  • Add the theme version to the generator string.


  • Update to mkdocs-material-1.11.0.
  • Support site search. #1
  • Show version, wrap code and hide clipboard icon when printing. #4
  • Document material.language.
  • Make certain messages translatable.


  • Show the project version number in both drawer and “desktop” mode.


  • Initial version based on MkDocs Material version 1.10.2. Unsupported features from the upstream theme includes: Disqus integration, search, tabs navigation and localization.